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When Copyright goes too far?

First of all: I want to let perfectly clear that I totally support companies that defend the rights of their products... but I also have to say that the only reason that Im writing this topic it´s because I don´t really get the idea here... and I´m gonna tell you why.

Ok, there was that show that I used to watch during my childhood (well, I was more like a teenager at the time xD) called: The Adventures of Brandy and Mr Whiskers, which was a nice, colorfull, little show that only lasted for two seasons and seemed to be fairly unpopular amongst most viewers -I DID like it, and still felt over bored from time to time- with most comments just bashing the cartoon on sites like IMDB. So, It ceased transmition on late 2006, and it was never refered to again... that until many many years later, when I got internet, and curious about it once again... only to find out that there was hardly any info about it (no joking, there isnt even fan art -and, if there is, it is NOT the kind that you would show to your kids-).

Most recently, I found out that some people were uploading the series to YT... with Disney blockling every single episode. That would be a normal move for them, and the sensible thing to do, but I CAN find (still to this day) others series of them like Dave the Barbarian and even Fish Hooks (which is relatively new on comparison). After all that, I also found that the show wasnt even featured on ANY of the watch cartoon sites that I know, and even the four torrents I was able to locate during that time were all seedless. I know the show wasnt the most popular of the Disney Chart, but that´s just seemed ridiculous to me... are they THAT protective over a show that only lasted for two seasons and ended up like a decade ago? I just dont get it... and besides, I was only able to find a single DVD release (that I hardly believe it´s even legit) that claims to have only 30 episodes... and I never could I find it for sale... which only means that I can´t even get it legally (and I'm eager to do that, I would totally buy it!).

I know this cartoon must have been a collossal failure for Disney (and a very expensive one, with stars like Kaley Couco and Charly Adler in the main roles and an impressive general looking that holds up to this day) but isnt just that the kind of thing that you would use into your own advantage? I mean, let the people know about this, and THEN sell a DVD... I would love to show this to my cousin, and revive better days, but it´s seems impossible for now. And I just realized that the lack of audience and interest it´s the same reason what they are not releasing Kissyfur either. 

(Ok, it seems real).

The only thing I can imagine, is that they hold some kind of legal fight with the show´s creator, and therefore they are unable to let the show be distributed. I dont know, but interesting enough, the mentioned creator, hasnt worked in any other series after this.

Woah, what a rant... I promise not to do it again, but in the meantime... what do you think about this?.

Thanks for reading Razz

EDIT: Well, even the wikis of this show stinks... they all lack material, and also have next to no pictures. Strangely, even the actual Disney's wiki overlooked this...

Also, that DVD posted above it´s complete but not official, as I suspected.

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