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Top Cartoons | TextCast 2

(Part 1).

After having experienced some «technical difficulties» (I got one of those little Chinese MP4 Players that also happens to emulate Gameboy games...) we’re finally back to this awesome list of awesomeness! -Keep saying it, dude, I think they are buying it! -.

(By Zorra de Plata & Domingo H):

Fanning The Flames - Danny Phantom

"Fanning The Flames" is another great cartoon, and a highlight of the Danny Phantom universe. In this one, an apparently unknown pop-singer named Ember McLain takes over the rankings with her song. Everybody seems to adore her but Danny and Sam are suspicious (despite Tucker having become her biggest fan). They finally discover that she is, indeed, a ghost and that she is using her evil spell to build her strength (her power comes from the adoration she receives from the crowd). Things go out of hand when she is planning to have a worldwide concert.

For various reasons, this cartoon is often considered to be the first genuinely good Danny Phantom cartoon, in large part thanks to her main antagonist. Ember is just a more engaging villain than the rest of the opponents Danny had fought so far on the show, and the cartoon was wise enough to keep using her throughout the rest of the series. Very good episode.

Patty Ann - Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain

I'm well aware that this series has always received hate for the most part. It is also true that the show was plagued with fights between the staff and the Warner Brothers Network, but it still managed to pull some great stuff off. Patty Ann is actually not only one of the best episodes of this cartoon, but arguably the BEST Pinky and The Brain episode ever (yes, counting their own cartoon and their Animaniacs! episodes). Why's that? Well... first of all, the episode is full of great humor and even has a song (sung by Pinky and much to the disgust of Brain). In the premise for this cartoon, Brain has invented a robot-suit named "Patty Ann" which he plans to use to explore around, but things roll out of control when Elmyra's crush, Rudy, falls in love with the "lady". Brain does whatever he can to scare the dumb boy off, but Rudy is just too stupid to realize any of this. In the end, it's only thanks to Elmyra's jealousy that Patty Ann can be put away from Rudy (ruining Brain's plan in the process).

If you never watched P,E & TB do yourself a favor and watch this one before developing any opinions about it. You might end up loving it!

Witches of East Arlen - King of the Hill

If I was going to make a list of the weirdest episodes I have ever seen, this one would have ranked top-ten for sure. In this episode, Bobby buys some Tarot Cards at a flea market and becomes increasingly fascinated with the idea of seeing the future and stuff. Then he meets a guy named Ward Rackley, who is incredibly obsessed with the idea of magic, even claiming to be a high level wizard. Despite being a grown man, he is the leader of a gang of teenagers who wear robes and act like cult members as well. Meanwhile, Hank starts to feel more and more uncomfortable about the idea of his son befriending this kind of people and will ultimately do whatever it takes to snap Bobby out of it.

I don't even know why this episode has stuck with me for so long, but it definitely has some appeal. If you want a good laugh, then you should see it right away.

Rosie the Robot - The Jetsons

After having proven totally inefficient at doing any chores whatsoever, the Jetsons finally decide to hire a robot maid for taking care of such matters. Jane goes to the store and rejects almost the entire catalogue of available robots that are for sale there, except for the rustiest of them all, an ancient -and apparently- barely functional old machine named Rosie. Despite her antiquated state and looking, Rosie does a fantastic job cleaning the Jetson's house, but George doesn't really want her there, as he is just about to have an important dinner with his boss and fears that the old robot might screw things up for him. To make matters worse, things go incredibly wrong when Mr. Spacely begins to hurt Rosie's feelings, causing the old machine to be fed up with his antics.

Personally, I think this is one of the greatest episodes of the Jetsons, and no fan should overlook it.

The Babysitter - Cow & Chicken

After Mom and Dad have to leave the house for the night, they decided to leave one of the unlikely siblings in charge, and they choose Cow because they came to the conclusion that she is "bigger" than Chicken. The rest of the night is -of course- spent by Cow abusing her power in a silly way and poor Chicken becoming more and more upset with the whole thing as time goes by.

This is one of those episodes that would make ya laugh all the way from the title card. I don't really need to say anything else about it, if that hasn't convinced you, you probably shouldn't watch it.

Double Trouble Talk - Orson's Farm

Everybody at the Farm is a little mad at Roy since he doesn't really do his job (because instead of waking everybody up, he just plays a recording of a rooster singing). So, after being loaded with lots of other chores in punishment for his lazyness, he buys a CD from a peddler, which makes him speak in nonsense, which leaves everybody around him too confused to argue with him, so he can now go back to doing nothing. Things go bad, however, as he mashes ups the CDs and plays the new one to the whole farm, resulting in everybody speaking their own personal language.

This cartoon is amazingly funny and surprisingly underrated. If you can find it, then do yourself a favor and watch it. You won't regret it.

Damp Sheets - Generation O!

Generation O! is such an underrated cartoon, and episodes like this one make mewonder why people overlooked this so hard. I think it deserved it better.

The band gets to play on a presidential campaign and they are really excited by the idea of doing something of this scale, but problem is... the senator they are helping to become president is a two-faced jerk who speaks nicely in public and acts rudely in private, so Molly and the band are not really that sure that they want to do this anymore. To top it off, Molly has a embarrassing problem which can mean the end of her reputation and band.

The plot of this cartoon is fantastic, and I really like the take they do here, as not many cartoons would dare to show how empty a presidential candidate can be. I won't recommend it as strongly as I did with previous entries, but I'm still firm on my decision of showing it here. If you feel like trying something new, then this is for you.

A Clue for Scooby Doo - Scooby Doo

I have never been a big fan of Scooby Doo, but this episode is a total different story for me. As I always watch it when it's on.

In this one, the gang comes across a mystery involving the disappearance of several boats in a bay named "The Graveyard of Ships" while trying to solve yet another mystery related to a haunted green-glowing deep sea-diver suit.

Although most of the episodes on the Scooby-Doo's franchise are schematic and predictable, this one still manages to pull off an interesting story that might even surprise you the first time you see it. It’s not even that original or great, but has some charm that really makes it stand out among the broader elements of the series. Personally, I’m fascinated with this episode.

Le Secret de La Licorne - Les Aventures de Tintin

This one really takes me baaaaack.

In this two-part wonder, our friend Tintin buys a scale model of an old pirate ship called "The Unicorn", but this might had been a bad idea, as some people start to harass him about the little ornament, offering him ridiculously high amounts of money and other goodies in order to get their hands on the thing (just to be turned down every time). Things go a little out of hand when, coming back home after a little walk, our hero finds his apartment all messed up, and that the model missing. This should not be a big surprise for him, as he soon finds out that there's a treasure map hidden inside one of the model's masts.

I honestly don't know what to say about this episode, I just love the hell out of it (and its second part). I was really obsessed with it at some point, and it made me HAPPY every time it was on... there was no better way to end a day than seeing this on the air.

Hopefully, a third part is on its way (but we can't promise anything).

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