miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2014

Pokémon doodles

A few images I made based on my favorite animé ever. As you might know, those aren't great or anything, but I certainly don't think they are awful either... they are more like something in between (but I still hope you like them!)

When Cyndaquil joined Equestria... so much for it´s fire, though (a friend helped me out with this one).

I´am SO pleased with this one (even if it isn't much more than a bunch of stock images thrown together). I was just about of throwing the towel, when the final result appeared... it was literally driving me crazy.

Not so good, I know... but I kind of like it.

Eye-melting Zorua!

I just love the digital ink effect of Paint.NET, it makes everything look alive.

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