lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

Welcome to the Foxhole... of the Dragon.

IceDragonNet (formerly The IceDragon Network, while I was trying to built it on FrontPage Express -and now I know the meaning of the word «hell»-) it's meant to be a showcase for all the work I have done during the last four years or so, and now is inconveniently scattered all over the web. Said work includes lots of reviews of video-games, computer programs, and gaming hardware, as well as over a hundred drawings and pictures made with digital tools (such as Paint.Net).

You will probably note a big difference between the quality of the exposed works -even if the publishing dates are not so distant one from another-. This may be due a number of reasons, but the main one is that most of those things were made in my spare time or as a casual hobby (I only started to take matters seriously in 2012). But remember that if you are counting on me, I won't let you down, and I will do whatever it takes to deliver a high-quality work; it's important to me to highlight that if you need ocasional help with you site or blog, you can contact me anyway, and I will be very glad to help if I can (though, If you need constant help, I would like to have something in retribution... although you would have to use me a LOT to reach that point).

Now, I have plans to leave this entry always in the main page of the blog (so casual visitors will have an idea of what the hell is going on), but also -and mainly- because I can just go ahead and list all the contact sources you can use to reach me and see my work. This list will include most of the conventional sites -e-mail, twitter...- and some that are not as common -Steam, and forum PMs-. I figured that it might be most efficient that way... I think.

Main Contact Pages:

: The Twitter... who doesn't have a twitter? I just made it to join the club, actually and I don't check it quite often, but I still do it. So, if twitting is you thing, then fell free to use it: ID: IceDragonNet.

: I know, I know, it should be G-Mail or something like that, but what can I say? I'm old fashioned (and Yahoo! was the only one that didn't take two weeks to load on my old 56k internet connection). ID: Theregularshow2012 [at]

Minor Contact Pages:

You can also find me on...

: I haven't checked that one in a while -and it's not a complete showcase either- though I drop by every once in a while (and it also has many links to my main site for digital work: DA). ID: MyRegularTime.

: And of course, you can reach me here! ID: JJ Mclain.

And if that's not enough, you can also reach me at the forums of 80's Cartoon.Net (my ID there is the same as here: IceDragon).

Now, for the final section of this entry -thank God!-: you may note the links in the right side of the site. I'm not going into detail for the ones I recommend (into a LOT of detail I mean), but I have to do it for the ones I worked on:

In "La Cueva de los Clásicos" I did a massive work, counting over a hundred of reviews (plus some tutorials, and a few art designs), and they are all still there. I can't really recommend the community -even if it is one of the last that stand on the Abandonware department-, but you can check it out anyway. Mi ID there was: Ciclón de Hojas, but I don't check it anymore.

«Retro-Zone» was a short-lived project (I only worked there for a couple of weeks before It was shut down, actually). And the place is not even available on the Webarchive, so you will have to trust me in this one.

And the last one... «Terminal 64» it's an ongoing process, focused on retro-culture. I did a few reviews for it (also availables in the Abandonware place mentioned above). I recommend you to take a look there. ID: Moonlight

The sites I recommend, I do it for a reason, but words can't make them justice. You will have to see for yourself (links bellow, at the right side of the site).